Our Philosophy

Linking Strategy, Alignment, and Execution to Get Real Work

The Work Itself Group understands the critical connection that drives strategy to work through alignment. We have vast experience with clients who have struggled with getting new ideas, new messages, and important change into their organizations and into the daily work of their people. We have an extreme bias toward “Work”. We believe that far too little attention is focused on work—where all results hit or miss. We keep things simple. We work on things that make a difference. Working with employees to ensure that they are on track always pays off. We developed The Work Itself as a process to refocus employees on the right work. We wrote FAKE WORK, because we saw the amazing disconnect from strategy to daily tasks.

Our Philosophy is Based on You and Focused on Your Results

The Work Itself Group brings a different approach to our client relationships. Engagements need to be more than transactions; they need to be built on partnerships with mutually aligned goals for progress and success. From this philosophy, we design—with you—the best way to use our processes, workshops, and tools to best serve the results you are targeting.

A Holistic and Culture-Wide Scope

The Work Itself Group provides an amazing array of consulting services built on many years of the experience of our executives. We approach each company holistically—trying to see and understand the company as an organism with complex sub-systems. We care about the big issues of strategic planning and organizational development, but in the end, we try to move through all that time-consuming cerebral work and get down to work—Real Work—where we can truly make a difference.



Fake Work is the difference between success and failure in organizations. Learn about the Eight Steps to Eliminate Fake Work.


Significant challenges impede team alignment to strategy and execution. We offer solutions.


The Work Itself Group's services offer a holistic approach to getting work done.

Real Work Resources

Use our resources to help you better understand Fake Work and Real Work both personally and as an organization.