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The Work Itself Group has developed a variety of Assessments to help you better understand Fake Work and Real Work both personally and as an organization:

The Fake Work Quiz

This short quiz gives an indication of whether you and your company are doing Fake Work. It’s free. It’s revealing.

The Fake Work Assessment

It’s like the Fake WorkQuiz, but on steroids.  This Assessment gives an accurate and more in-depth look at you and your organization.  It will provide your organization with a deeper understanding of the amount of Fake Work happening in your workplace.

The Fake Work Organizational Assessment

The mother of all Assessment tools!  By now you should realize that Fake Work is a systemic problem in many organizations, but mostly, many organizations simply don’t know how pervasive Fake Work is and where it is most prevalent. This comprehensive will assess your organization and each individual within it, and create a Fake Work profile. It is designed for teams, departments, groups, and all members of an organization.

The Benefits of this Instrument are obvious if you understand the corrosive affect of Fake Work. About 50% of the work in most organizations is Fake Work. You can’t afford it. So, the first step to addressing it is to know what it is and where it is occurring. This profile will help you to:

  • Highlight issues that are affecting productivity and performance.
  • See strategic links to Fake Work—where it starts and what affects strategy has on overall focus of the organization.
  • Evaluate the power of alignment and it’s overall connection to doing Real Work.
  • Understand the elements affecting results—executing work to get the right work done.
  • Translating the Assessment Results

Our Assessments are designed to provide you straightforward information and insight into problems and issues of concern, but translating the data into actions is very important, so we offer onsite or distance coaching on using the information and developing strategies to rethink, rebuild, and redesign ways to change Fake Work to Real Work and results.

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Real Work Resources

Use our resources to help you better understand Fake Work and Real Work both personally and as an organization.