Addressing Old Ideas from an Absolutely New Angle

Brent, Gaylan and their colleagues are highly experienced speakers who have provided hundreds of speeches, presentations, and contributed to forums and panels. They have presented to broad-based audiences and to every functional group in every industry at every level on numerous subjects.

Speaking on Fake Work and Many Related Subjects

Of course, “Fake Work” is a prominent topic for us, but it is not a simple subject. Fake Work is tied to “The Work Itself” and we spoke on that subject long before the book was written. Our main goal is to carve out the right approach and tailor it to your audience. Here is a short list of our topics:

  • Fake Work: Avoiding Fake Work in Your Workplace (Focus on the Book)
  • Fake Work and Leadership: Understanding the Outputs of Leadership
  • Causes of Fake Work; Paths to Real Work
  • Fake Work in Our Communities
  • Fake Work in Our Families
  • Fake Work is a Personal Issue
  • The Work Itself and Organizational Development Topics
  • The Work Itself: Getting to Real Work
  • Strategy-Alignment-Execution: Linking Real Work to Organizational Issues.
  • Strategic Planning that Focuses Real Work
  • Driving Strategy to Results
  • Being an Internal Consultant to Support Change and Growth
  • Communication in the World of Work
  • Front-loading Projects to Avoid Fake Work
  • Organizational Learning Topics
  • Organizational Learning Framework: Building a Learning Organization
  • The 4E’s of Learning: Excitement, Experience, Execution, and Evaluation.
  • Results by Design: Building a Learning Model in Your Organization
  • Measuring the Impact of Learning in Your Organization

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Fake Work is the difference between success and failure in organizations. Learn about the Eight Steps to Eliminate Fake Work.


Significant challenges impede team alignment to strategy and execution. We offer solutions.


The Work Itself Group's services offer a holistic approach to getting work done.

Real Work Resources

Use our resources to help you better understand Fake Work and Real Work both personally and as an organization.