Real Work Workshop

The Real Work Workshop: One Day—Four Opportunities for Growth

  • This is a leadership course because ultimately leaders must learn the building blocks of strategy, alignment, and execution. In the end—no execution, no value.
  • This is a management course because managers often misunderstand the real elements of performance and how Real Work tasks should be the bedrock of any performance management.
  • This is a team-building course because it focuses on the essentials of teamwork—productivity, alignment, and performance. Work is what brings people together. The best relationships will crash under the weight of Fake Work
  • This is an individual performance course because each person in a team must understand Real Work tasks, how they are aligned, and being accountable.

The workshop focuses on the Causes of Fake Work and the Paths to Real Work—aligning individuals and teams to execute on organizational strategy.

Workshop Objectives: Building the Paths to Real Work

  1. Understand the importance of the Strategy-Alignment-Execution model.
  2. Understand the causes of Fake Work.
  3. Clarify your company strategy and the role of strategy in driving Real Work.
  4. Discover Fake Work you may be doing and find ways to eliminate it.
  5. Use strategic communication to create Real Work.
  6. Use your work team effectively to drive Real Work.
  7. Select critical, Real Work tasks that are tied to your company strategy.
  8. Establish plans for completing Real Work tasks.
  9. Make certain that your hard work gets results that will help the company succeed.

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Real Work Resources

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