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FAKE “WORK", published by Simon & Schuster, was a groundbreaking, best-selling book that draws on years of practical experience and real-world situations to attack Fake Work by doing more Real Work. It examines the immense problems of Fake Work in the work environment.

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Stephen M. R. Covey 
Author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust

“At a time when most management literature rehashes the same old stuff, it is refreshing to be exposed to some fresh ideas with enormous practical relevance.  Better yet the authors propose actionable
cures for this silent disease of fake work that most business don’t recognize they have."


Ken Blanchard


Coauthor of The One Minute Manager and The One Minute Entrepreneur

“Brent Peterson and Gaylan Nielson bring to light a rarely examined activity that occurs daily in many

organizations: Fake Work.  Fake work wastes a precious resource—the time and talent of valuable

employees. The authors underscore the problem—and solution pathways—with real-life examples that

are at times disturbingly familiar. Read this book and get real!”



 Elliott Masie


Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM

"Buzzing" blackberries, compulsive emailing and deadly powerpoints are
indicators that your workforce may be busy doing Fake Work. Let's refocus
our work on the goals and strategies that really matter. Peterson & Nielson
provide a clear pathway to Real Work!"



Fake Work is defined as any work that isn’t directly linked to strategies. In the “Causes” section of the book, the authors research and stories illuminate why 50% of all work is Fake Work.
However, in the “Paths to Real Work,” you will walk through a model for building a cohesive, focused, and energized workplace. The simple model below illustrates a critical chain of
events that organizations must understand and follow to ensure that strategic work isn’t Fake Work—by driving strategies into daily work:




Strategy - Know what you need to do—what are the essential results the organization must strive for.


Alignment - Make sure everyone else knows what you need to do and how they

link to and support those goals.

Execution - Do Real Work, follow through, then sustain it over time




New in August, 2020, from Corwin Press, the book Stop Fake Work in Education takes a deeper dive into Real Work and provides new insights on culture, strategies, alignment, and execution and provides more tools to apply to your organizational needs. While focused on education and rife with educational stories and examples, the book applies to any organization struggling to do more Real Work—work that is directly linked to organizational strategies.

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Stop Fake Work in Education Program

Strategize, Align, and Execute through our program that offers everything from team assessments to virtual training. 

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Stop Fake Work in Education

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