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The Work Itself Group offers an innovative approach to getting work done.  The Work Itself is a process to help companies:

  • Develop, understand, communicate, and translate strategy.

  • Align employees daily work tasks with strategies.

  • Help employees plan and do the work execute their new work plans on work targeting strategies.

The Work Itself

The Problem: Fake Work Steals Profits, Productivity, and Morale.

Businesses are at risk of struggling to find life-saving strategies that translate to daily work and get results. Productivity is suffering. Efficiencies falter. Employees flounder and disconnect.

  • 73% of workers say their organization's strategies and goals are not translated into specific work tasks they can execute.

  • 70% of workers do not know what to do to support their organization's strategy.

  • 81% of workers do not feel committed to their organization's strategy.

  • 87% of workers are not satisfied with the results of their work.

We Offer:

  • We Alignment Processes using “The Work Itself" Work Sessions

  • Team Work and Team Development

  • Implementation Planning

  • Online Monitoring and Tracking for Employee Performance

  • Implementation Processes

  • Performance Management

Business Meeting
“The Work Itself” Process: Strategy, Alignment, And Execution: Services
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